What’s in your Magic Bag?

I was joined today by Robin, Elizabeth, Mary, and Bettina.

Mary took a week off from the miter-meter maid vest to work on her silk scarf.  She’s been knitting steadily away on it and it just didn’t seem to be getting any longer. It made me think of a recent conversation with my sister, who was encountering the same problem.  She quoted the Yarn Harlot, who recommends a “lie down, and drink up” when this happens and afterward, your project will surely have reached it’s desired length.

Mary found a lively cotton yarn and decided to start the Lion Brand Spiral Blanket (in addition to the Design Source afghan).  She’s either seriously inspired or “crazy” 🙂

The spiral blanket starts with dpn’s and with a starting point of 2 stitches on each needle, is a major juggling act.  I got it started for her and as I was trying to juggle the needles and stitches into position, Mary decided it looked like a ferris wheel.  Robin decided Mary was crazy to take this on!

Elizabeth brought in her fantastic bag knit from a pattern in the 25 more bags book.  She even lined it beautifully.

Elizabeth continued to pull projects in various stages of completion out of her bag.  She finished a Berroco pattern for a sweater knit in Jasper yarn.  The shading of the yarn makes it look really cool, the only problem being that the photo doesn’t show that the side panel has a kind of flouncy pleat on the hip.  Not what Elizabeth signed up for.  She plans on steeking the the piece.  She also brought a swatch for a cabled sweater.  Mary commented that her bag must be magic to keep producing all these knits.  Either that or Elizabeth has knitting elves at home.
Robin finished her mohair scarf/shawl during out chat time and modelled it for us.  We are all looking forward to hearing the rave review from it’s intended recipient.

Bettina brought her blanket to work on and is nearly ready to work the crocheted border.