Sorry, No pix today!

We talked about blocking today.  Claudia and Danielle have to block the baby sweaters they knit before they can sew them up.  Laying the sweater on a towel or ironing board, placing a towel over it and lightly running the iron (set at the appropriate setting for the fiber) over the edges of the garment so that the seams will lay flat.

Danielle learned how to pick up stitches.  It’s kind of like crocheting a row of slip stitches, the way you insert the knitting needle.  She finished all the knitting while at the chat.  The sweater is quite a hit among the group. I’m rooting for you to finish this weekend and I look forward to a picture!  It caught Elizabeth’s eye immediately for style as well as the yarn (Zara) and the color, a wonderful heathered gray.
Claudia learned how to do the raglan increases by “m1 or making one”.  While we were together she divided for the armhole.  She’s working on the Blue Sky Cropped Cardigan.
Robin wore her scarf knit out of Ghost print yarn, which everyone admired for it’s funky texture!  She’s nearly halfway done with the mohair wrap and then she’ll be able to learn how to do the crocheted edge and add the fringe.  
Mary is really getting the hang of the mitered squares.  Her color/fiber combinations are inspired! There would be a great picture now if I had my camera!
She had us really laughing when she brought out a crochet magazine that she has a subscription to, when she doesn’t crochet!!!  She must have ended up with it after a school magazine promotion, those offers are kind of limited and a little off the beaten path.
We talked about how if Mary learned to crochet she would be “bilingual” in the language of knit and crochet!  She wants to crochet a skirt.  Me too!!!
Welcome back, Elizabeth, we missed you last week!  Elizabeth is working on a really interesting Berroco sweater, knit in their yarn called Jasper.  She’s also working on a sock for her son.  The gauge was getting a little complicated so I taught her how to do a mock circular gauge.  The socks are being knit on size 0, so gauge better be good, I don’t see her going to 00.
P.S.  I found my camera today in the bottom of a black bag that I searched 3 times, I just couldn’t see it in it’s black case.  Next week I’m picking up a hot pink camera case.