Meter/Miter Maid

Mary brought in her Crayon Box Jacket/Vest.  The sweater is done in individual mitered squares, one square knit off the last.  It’s a great technique to learn. 

Claudia finished the green baby sweater during the chat session.  She had to finish the neckband and pick up and knit the front bands (including buttonholes).  She learned how to make a buttonhole and before we knew it, the sweater was done!  It is so cute!!!

She also made great progress on another baby sweater…

Claudia, since you’ll probably have the blue sweater done within a week, it’s time to plan the next project(s)!
Danielle brought in her finished booties that complete the set she made (blanket,hat, booties). This pattern is making the “chat” rounds, it’s a quick pattern and comes out so cute.
Next up, the bag. (I saw Michelle and she gave me your book).  
We talked about a baby mobile from a book with one skein projects, Danielle, do you remember where you saw it?  Oh, and the baby book that Danielle was using was called Quick Baby Knits: Over 25 Quick and Easy Designs for 0-3 year olds by Debbie Bliss.
Shelley joined us today.  Shelley and I know each other from the “Knit Together” days.  A couple of months ago, Shelley came to a Border’s Event a couple of months ago where Liz and I gave a presentation on socks.  She really enjoyed the talk, bought a book on socks and came to chat ready to go.  
She came prepared with sock yarn and a gauge, unfortunately it wasn’t a “mock circular” gauge so she had a little more knitting to do on her gauge.  While knitting her gauge, she asked if knitting was as forgiving as crocheting was.  Mary just chuckled softly and shook her head no.
At any rate, when she was done with her gauge, I showed her how to measure it.  She made an interesting observation (I always enjoy the different ways people interpret different facets of knitting).  I was explaining that she count the “v’s”  she asked if the v was like a mountaintop or a valley!  I love that.  We went with the valleys.  We found a pattern in her sock book, got her joined in the round on two circulars and she was off.  She really took to it and was halfway into her ribbing by the end of the chat.