Ssh, I’m counting

I think this was one of the quietest “chat” sessions yet.  Everyone was working on projects that involved their best concentration.  Which of course translates into little or no conversation!  

Elizabeth and I started off trying to decipher a pattern chart for a cabled headband she found on the Internet.  Now, the author of the pattern did put a disclaimer on it, that if you needed more information than she provided, seek it elsewhere. Well, she did, we put our heads together and the chart was too ambiguous.  After a good 30-45 minutes Elizabeth decided she would be spending more time writing out the chart than simply designing her own pattern.  She came up with a very clean pattern that could easily be accomplished in a day.  Whew!

Elizabeth wore the green sweater she just finished.  She did an interesting adjustment to the pattern.  The fronts of the cardigan were designed to kind roll, there are no buttons.  Elizabeth knew that wasn’t going to sit well with her so she knit a facing into the back of the cardigan fronts and along the neck.  It took a few tries but the end result was outstanding.  It looks great!

Lastly, Elizabeth brought in a purse she finished from the book we’ve been using for the KAL.  This bag was an easy knit with smocking details when it was done.  She also added a gusset for the sides and bottom.  Elizabeth, when you have a chance, please write up how you handled the smocking and the gusset you added?  Thanks.

Mary brought in the beginnings of her Chris Bylsma Crayon Box Jacket.  We reviewed it, got reacquainted and then got going.  Instead of a Jacket, she’s going to make it into a vest.  That’s what I did and I get a lot of use out of it.  Again, this project required serious counting and attention.  Here’s a picture of her KAL bag, it is absolutely fabulous; the yarn, the handles, the button.  Mary you out did yourself.  It really is a work of art.  Love it!

Ines joined us today with a cotton sweater she started a while back and got stuck at the neck shaping instructions.  That combined with it hibernating a while, well, we needed to do some “forensic” knitting and figure out where she left off and where she was going.  In the end she finished the back and could easily begin the front and get back on track.  Yeah!
Danielle finished her beautiful baby blanket in Blue Sky Organic Cotton, and was well into the baby bootie she’s working on that will coordinate with the baby blanket and roll brim hat.