Claudia came in with several projects in various stages of progress.  Her KAL bag is nearly done.  

I taught her how to do a three-needle bind-off for grafting the shoulders together.  When we finished on shoulder and I showed her the right side and the grafted shoulders, she was so excited.  I love that!!!  She finished the other shoulder on her own.  While together at stitch and chat, she finished sewing on the sleeves and picked up the stitches around the neck, this sweater is very nearly done!

The blue sweater is going to be another baby sweater gift.

Mary thought the KAL bag was supposed to be done by today and she finished all the knitting for her bag.  The colors are so intense.  She just has to sew it and felt it.  Stay tuned!!!  And Mary, I was going to put up the fishzilla thing, but when I turned on youtube (there were videos about it) I got grossed out and couldn’t do it. 🙂

Danielle learned how to single crochet and half double crochet.  It was hard going for a while there and well worth the effort.  The crocheted border in the contrast color looks so fresh.  We’ll get a picture of it on Friday.

Robin realized that the color she chose for her KAL bag wasn’t the color she meant to use and is going to skip this KAL.  No worries.  Catch the next one.  The second baby booties is well underway and we kicked around some ideas to the rest of the skein – maybe a matching hat.