Blocking Tails

I finished the Ella shawl from Knitty last night and was really excited, the pattern is fun. I knit it in Belle Hand dyed 100% silk by the Kangaroo Dyer. At first I wanted the yarn just because it was purple and silk. I fell in love with the yarn this summer when I saw it at Webs in Northhampton, MA . My sister wanted me to put it back because I didn’t have a project for it (I’m still educating her in the joys of a stash). In the end I bought enough to seriously make something. Anyway, I’ve been knitting steadily because I want to wear it this Holiday season.

This morning I went through the whole blocking business, pins, wires and all. (I do not like blocking). Here’s where the blocking tails comes in. When I came home tonight, I found my 11 y.o. lab LYING ON THE SILK SHAWL AS IT LAY BLOCKING. OMG. I couldn’t believe it. I grabbed him by his paws and tried to shimmy him off the shawl. In the end, one of my kids gently pushed him and I held his paws. One false move and those claws would’ve been the end of my shawl. Thankfully the shawl came out unscathed and oddly dry only in the part he was sleeping!