Gift Knits

I caught up with Robin, Sara, and Elizabeth yesterday. We also had a new knitter join our midst, Vicki.

Robin is nearly done with the Vogue shawl she’s making, and none too soon. She’s definitely grown weary of it. The seed stitch scarf in Silk Garden is coming along nicely. Originally we were going to add a keyhole. However, when we thought it through, we realized that the keyhole would totally disrupt the variegation of the yarn and look funny. So, no keyhole – so much simpler that way. She’s going to be done with both of these soon, good thing the knitalong (KAL) will start soon. That makes two hand-knitted gifts ready for the holidays.

Sara finished the second ruffle and we sewed the first corner together. It is so sweet looking. I’m sure her friend will love it. Vicki was interested in the pattern for a gift.

Elizabeth has been very busy with the doggie afghan (also growing weary of her project). She’s onto the border, the difficulty now (other than the dreaded dog bones) is finding the time when her husband isn’t around to work on it). Robin and I agreed that although we really admired the afghan and the work that went into it, we didn’t think we had the same patience and persistence to make it. After the Great American Afghan that I’m working on, I think I’d like to make a sampler afghan in Manos yarn.
Here’s a picture of the 3/4 sleeve cardigan Elizabeth has been working on. The fit is perfect and her idea of knitting a contrast color inside the cardigan fronts to keep it from rolling was inspired. It’s working out really well. The only challenge is getting the right number stitches to pick up to keep the fronts stitches from riding up. Still, we all want this pattern, it’s great. Elizabeth, can you leave a comment where the pattern is?
I met Vicki Thursday at Knitting Central . She’s coming back to knitting and her first project is to be a cashmere scarf for her husband’s birthday, NEXT SUNDAY. She remembered how to cast on, knit and purl almost immediately. After a quick gauge swatch, she was on her way. We figured out that she had to work a minimum of 9″ a day to finish it on time. I was impressed by the strength of her intent to get it done. It reminded me of when Sara first came to Knit Together to learn to knit and chose as her first project a baby sweater for the baby she was pregnant with. She too was totally determined to make it and she did, before the baby was born.