Success! Finished Projects

It was an exciting day in the stitch and chat neighborhood. Robin finished her first projects, a baby blanket that she’s making as a gift. It looks great and we felt almost as proud and excited as Robin did.

We were debating what her next project could be, baby hat, felted bag, gifts, a key-hole scarf.

Mary had us in stitches (pardon the pun). She was binding off the brim on her hat and something wasn’t‘ right. Turned out she was binding off in her own unique way. When she came back to the project, she didn’t remember binding it off in the first place. I think it was the knitting fates. She also made up a purl bind off, slipping a stitch and binding off the next. The result was super tight (she needed band-aids) in direct contrast to how relaxed she knits. When she was back on track, she bound off loosely (knit wise!) and the result is an adorable cotton hat.

Mary brought out her sock (or sock puppet as she called it). It’s actually coming out better than she gives herself credit for. The purple heel makes a bold contrast to the variegated color she’s knitting the rest of the sock in. And, it’s not nearly as big or slouchy as she thought it would be. We did all agree though, that Mary is going to end up making a lot of single socks and make up her own “pairs” as the mood fits.

Elizabeth spent the week working on her dog afghan while her husband away. She has one dog left and the border. The pattern is from the Fall ’06 issue of Knit Simple Magazine. It really is a work of art.

While surfing the Internet, Elizabeth read a post on the Yarn Harlot’s blog about Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, a designer and yarn store owner. Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton joined her knitting group and knits from an unwound hank of yarn laid across her lap and in the event of needing two skeins, one draped over her shoulder. Well, when Elizabeth told us about this we were as shocked and freaked out as the members of that knitting group. You’ve got to click the link to the post and scroll down to the “third thing”. It’s wild and worth it. I said, “she must not ever jump up quickly for anything”, Mary said, “What if there was a bee buzzing around her?”. Check out the post.