In the Cafe

We met in the cafe on Wednesday and as much as I like the poet’s corner for it’s coziness, there’s something to be said for sitting in the cafe at tables.

Michelle and I got our large doctor’s bags from Baggellini and Mary brought in the small doctor bag she received by mistake. (We all ordered the small bag by mistake the first time). Mary and I are still considering keeping the smaller bag. These doctor’s bags look good and have a very functional set up. Theresa, look what you’ve started. This bag is becoming our “group bag”.

On the knit side, Michelle had a box pleat to make in the sleeve of her Gedifra sweater. The pattern is in the Gedifra Knitting Patterns Highlights 72 booklet, and is called the Lordana jacket. Well, I’ve never done a box pleat in sewing. Mary knew right away what it was. Making this pleat involved juggling four needles at once in kind of a z formation and purling 3tog across 6 stitches and then doing it again in reverse to complete the pleat. I practically broke out in a sweat completing this, Michelle on the other hand was giggling up a storm watching me juggle the needles and directions. That is until it was her turn. I am happy to say that we managed it, don’t try this at home alone! 🙂

And here’s her Rowan sweater pinned and ready for finishing.

Here’s another picture of the wonderful wallaby Michelle knit in Artyarns supermerino.

Mary is near done on the brim of her hat and will be ready to do the i-cord trim soon. She’s ready to do another one. Her sock is still evolving. She’s had to take it down from a size 2 needle to a 0. Do I hear size -1? Mary is just a “chill” knitter.

Claudia is flying through her first project. Her yellow baby blanket looks fantastic. She had an idea to work an trim in another yarn on it when it’s done. She can either do knitted strips or learn crochet and crochet an edge. Either way, it’s going to be lovely. All the talk of different projects has her motivated to finish her blanket and try another project!
We talked about mittens, felted bags, chunky sweaters, and socks. I’m thinking we do either a knit-a-long (kal) or dedicate a chat to a project where we can all make the same item, just adapted to each skill level.