Friday Stitch and Chat

Mary, Elizabeth and I met yesterday. Mary, bless her, brought her sock to a Bon Jovi concert, to keep up with her homework. Now that’s commitment! Her knitting was fine, her gauge was way too loose. I had to frog it back to the beginning of the ribbing and put her on a smaller needle. The Koigu colorway that I’ve been drooling over is P118 and Mary got the last two that Knitting Central had! Well, it just gives me time to contemplate what I want to make when the yarn comes in!
Elizabeth was new to the allure of Koigu and did not want to tempt the fates by inquiring about it. However, when she brought out the green cardigan she’s working on that has the rolled edge (the edge that will annoy her now end when it’s done) and went looking for a yarn to knit a facing for the edge….she ultimately ended up at the Koigu. She found the most amazing match for her sweater. It’s going to make for a beautiful and subtle contrast and will straighten out some of the roll at the same time.
Oh! Elizabeth made a terrific find while leap frogging around the Internet. It’s highlighter tape for knitting to use on patterns instead of post-it notes. Not only that, but when I checked out the website, knit foundry, the have this really intriguing software for charting patterns.

Here’s the gauge swatch of the “El Tejido” sweater she’s making for her husband in Karabella’s Aurora 4.

Mary’s hat is in the home stretch, she picked up for the brim. Unfortunately for Mary, she got distracted while we did our “koigu walk” and got off track while doing the increase row for the brim of her hat. I got her back on track. As she said herself, she may need earphones to keep out the distractions. On the other hand it’s the distractions/conversations that make getting together so much fun.

I finished the second pair of my “weekend fingerless gloves”. The pattern will offer the option of trimming with fur or not. The pattern will be available soon.