Continental knitting demo

I received this link from a blog called anxious dog . She linked me to the craft sanity blog with this awesome youtube demonstration of Continental Knitting.

For those of you who might not be aware of the fact that there are different methods of knitting or what exactly the differences are, here’s the Wikepedia definition:

“Knitting with the yarn in one’s left hand is commonly referred to as Continental knitting,German-Style Knitting, left-hand knitting or European knitting. Unlike English knitting, the yarn is kept in the left hand and more importantly, the left hand never leaves the needle. While the English knitter can work by lifting the one hand up off the needle to wrap yarn around the opposite needle, the Continental knitter keeps both hands on their respective needles at all times. Most German/Continental knitters feel that this style is more efficient than the English/American method. Continental/German style knitting is also referred to as ‘picking’, whereas English/American style knitting is referred to as ‘throwing.'”

I’m a Continental Knitter who (based on this video) was holding the yarn under my fingers instead of over. I was so excited, I grabbed my yarn and tried it out. It was great. I love the educational side of the Internet. Then, on youtube, there were other knitting with different techniques. I like anxious dogs idea of learning about different techniques. Stay tuned for more techniques.