The Modern Quilt Wrap is gaining quite a following. It’s been the subject of the Knitting Daily blog three times this week. I can’t put it down. My friends wonder if I sleep. The truth is I squeeze in a block here or there when I can. It’s just so much fun.

In the most recent post, the author, Mags Kandis, said that you could get two wraps out of the yardage. I know some people who are going to knit it double. I thought about this and here’s my thinking; first of all, I don’t want to rip it out and start over, second, I like it’s really drapy nature. I envision wearing this as much indoors as over a coat.

Anyway, it is an interesting idea to knit another for someone else. I think if I did I would change around the colors so it would be a little different.

Mags Kandis also gave a link for how to wrap your yarn as you go to prevent having to weave in ends at the end. I must say after knitting the first squares without wrapping, it’s the way to go! Otherwise the prospect of weaving in all those ends when the wrap was done would land it in the “I don’t like finishing pile” which sits next to the hand mending that I put off long enough for my family to outgrow or no longer remember the garments in question. I think I’ll teach my girls to do the hand mending as part of their chores and see what comes of that!

If you join the knitting daily group, you’ll have access to a downloadable copy of the Modern Quilt Wrap, as well as being able to read what’s been posted about it. I do, however, recommend the book, Folk Style. There are a lot of interesting patterns in it.