Knitting Central Events

The fall is heating up at Knitting Central. Cynthia has lined up several exciting designers to come Knitting Central.

Teva Durham, author of Loop d Loop and Loop d Loop Crochet will explore various asymmetrical design solutions on Saturday, September 15th. Teva Durham has an incredible knack for clearly explaining the basics of design and then giving you wings to fly. From beginner to advanced, you will be able to make the simplest of designs fit your body perfectly or give yourself the ultimate challenge-the decision is yours. Call ahead to see if there is availability in this class.

Create Your Own One of a Kind Hat. Spend the day (Saturday, October 6th) with Debby Ware– author of “Too Cute” and “Berets, Beanies, and Booties”and designer of irresistible baby hats, sweaters, unbelievable blankets and booties. You will learn how to measure your head correctly to make a perfect fitting hat! Call or visit the store to register.

Nicky Epstein will be coming in November and show us modern fair isle techniques. Nicky Epstein is the author of numerous creative knitting books. Here are just a few of her books:

And last, but certainly not least, Knitting Central is excited to announce its own Sock Club. Here is an excerpt from the description of the sock club (for more information click on the Knitting Central link.)

“So, with all the sock clubs out there, why choose ours? Because you won’t have to wonder how a yarn works up for socks anymore. Or, does it have good elasticity or wearablility? What pattern will work with that beautiful hand dyed yarn you found? What new yarn out there is the best for your socks? That is what we do here at Knitting Central. We are constantly studying, comparing and knitting, so that all of those questions are answered for you.

We are always in search of the best and the most beautiful sock yarns out there. So your repertoire of the best fibers for your feet will continue to grow as ours does. It’s all been done for you. Knitting Central believes “It’s all about the socks!”

Sign up now for the Knitting Central Sock Club and join us in the wonderful world of quality and hand dyed sock yarns.” To sign up, you may call or visit the store.