It must be Fall

There was a full contingent this morning. I love when its like this, the conversations are lively and fun, everyone has questions, there are lots of show and tell, and the energy and enthusiasm in our circle is contagious.

Rose is making a tie wrap out of Plymouth Boku, a yarn very similar to Noro Kuryeon in it’s coloration.

Sheilah finished the Rowan Sweater and was working on a wrap in Karabella Gossamer yarn, a mohair with burst of gold. It’s very elegant.

Theresa is just about finished with her Rowan sweater and we took a front/back picture to showcase their work. I think we all tried it on. It’s got great structure and feels like a couture sweater. Michelle has decided to make one Tahki Zara yarn in grey, navy, and a denim blue. The sweater will have a completely different feel, it will be much softer in the Zara.

Mary took out the work she had done in the La Baguette bag and began again in earnest in one color.

Elizabeth experienced some “hormonal knitting” while travelling with her daughter to college. She randomly purled two inches on one section of a garter stitch garment. I love the concept of “hormonal knitting”. We all have episodes of random acts of inexplicable shifts in our knitting.
Robin has started a drop stitch shawl made in Tahki Venezia, the pattern is from this fall’s Vogue Knitting magazine. Having two projects gives her the chance to alternate if she chooses or have a back up if she gets stuck on one. Her blanket (and first project) is nearly done. It is coming out great! In my mind, I’m already thinking of what Robin’s next new project will be.

We decided that our hand knit gifts should come with a disclaimer the way some store bought garments do. You know, the ones that say any imperfections are a result of the natural state of the material. The disclaimer could read, any irregularities in this knit are a result of the handmade nature of the garment and part of it’s uniqueness.