Back to Stitch and Chat

Although vacation was great. I really missed my stitch and chat groups. Since I’m catching up with the blog, there are a couple meetings covered in this post.

Michelle is back on track (welcome back) and is in the midst of her own finishing frenzy. I love how the Tahki sweater came out, the color is great and will be really versatile. When it was done, Michelle wasn’t satisfied with the way they left the neck edge and the sleeves were way too long. We decided on crocheting one round of the neck and bringing the neckline in a bit at the same time. This evened out the finishing and kept the neckline from sliding around on her shoulders. For the sleeves, we pinned it up on the inside, matched the lace up and she crocheted a seam to shorten the sleeves.

She’s working on a deep v-neck sweater in a soft bulky cotton. Michelle will probably have it done by next week!

Sheilah brought in the Rowan sweater that we’ve all been admiring. It looks fantastic, it is such a chic garment. Theresa is making the same sweater, in the same colors. Michelle is thinking of making it in black, taupe, and ivory – WOW. Mary, just wants to make the loops – I love that! We had a good laugh on that. Michelle modelled the sweater for us.

Sheilah is also working on the Prism “Flirty Fringed Cardigan”. We had a question on the shoulders and emailed the company, in the meantime, I measured the sample at Knitting Central to assist her in finishing the shoulders. How’s it going Sheilah? I haven’t heard from you since I emailed you the measurements.

Mary was experiencing some more hormonal knitting with the Jane Elliott La Baguette. We decided to start over with one yarn, instead of all the different yarns. That’s the great thing about Jane’s patterns. She gives you the option of knitting it in one yarn, or many.

Elizabeth brought her nearly done Brilla sweater. This sweater is a work of art. I know some of it is giving you a challenge, Elizabeth, and you’re doing a great job. It’s just a fantastic looking sweater. We worked on crocheting the seams.

Later in the week Elizabeth brought the sweater to another session and was very frustrated with the length and the width of the sleeves. We happened to be having our meeting at Knitting Central and a customer recommended steeking the sleeve. Elizabeth is also adept at sewing and is going to do this. It’s a great solution and not for the faint of heart.

For those of you who haven’t heard the term steeking before, it means “The process or result of continuously circularly knitting a section of a garment by temporarily bridging a planned opening with extra stitches, reinforcing the boundaries of the planned opening when necessary, then cutting the bridged section down the middle to establish the opening.” For Elizabeth’s purposes, she’s going to cut the sleeve stitches and sew the sleeve to the desired depth. She’s going to baste the sleeve with a different color where she’d like to place the steek seem and then sew with yarn graduating the shaping into the armhole. I am anxiously awaiting the results!

Robin brought her blue baby blanket which is two thirds done!!!!! She had a couple of minor knit fixes and is back on track and doing great. I don’t think you realize how far you’ve come Robin! She decided to join the ranks of the “several projects at once”. She settled on a a shawl pattern from this Fall’s Vogue Knitting (pattern #6) and is knitting it in Tahki Venezia yarn. The shawl will be a gift for the holidays. This way she has an alternate project if she hits a snag in the blanket or just wants a change of pace.

Sara is working through the pink baby blanket she’s making as a gift and just started the sleeves on the lopi sweater she’s been working on for her husband. Home stretch for the lopi sweater!

We talked about making fingerless gloves for the fall and I learned of a great website with this pattern for Lake Park Gloves.

We also talked about knitted toys and here are two books I know of that feature patterns for knitted toys.