Happy August!

I met Claudia today, who’s mother Marjolin, gave her yarn and a knitting class as part of her birthday present. She had knit as a child and was already under way with her project (a stole) when we met. The pattern called for a bulkier gauge than she was getting so after a practice swatch I adjusted the number of stitches accordingly. She learned how to do a drop stitch pattern, which in this case isn’t really a dropped stitch, you double wrap the yarn on one row and knit it singly on the next. The stitch elongates which produces a nice design feature.

Happy Birthday, Claudia!

Mary arrived fresh from a vacation with the girls in Jamaica looking tan and rested. She did bring her knitting much to the chagrin of her friends who don’t totally understand the obsession. The bottom of La Baguette bag is done (for both of us), now we’ll move onto the body. After finishing the bottom, this went back into her knitting bag to resume it’s place in knitting rotation. She also started a lace poncho and I give her credit for being able to keep her count while hanging out with friends.

Recently I was working on my starry night shawl and didn’t follow my personal rule of only doing intricate patterns when there is no one up and around. My dear family, meaning well, and being social would come into the room and strike up conversations with me. I kep trying to do both, talk with them while maintaining my place. Well, this morning I looked at it, and I have to take out the row. Ugh. Normally, the project would go underground, however I’m really looking foward to seeing how it looks all blocked out instead of scrunched up on the needles.

Elizabeth brought in the sweater she’s working on in Brilla from the spring Spring 2007 Filatura book. This sweater has crocheted portions in it as weel. Elizabeth picked up the crochet quickly and set off on the crocheted sections!

Michelle is also working on a pattern from the Spring 2007 Filatura book, she’s knitting it in Karabella Vintage Cotton. She’s finished the back and was working on the neck shaping. It was a little tricky to work the shaping into pattern stitch. She got it even and will probably have it done by the end of the day. Michelle said the pattern is really easy and a quick knit. I have some cotton classic in purple that I’m going to work up a gauge in to see if it will work for this pattern.

Rose wasn’t with us today, however, that didn’t mean she hasn’t been crocheting away. Here are two pictures of finished projects from Doris Chan’s Book, Amazing Crochet Lace: New Fashions Inspired by Old-Fashioned Lace. Rose makes crochet look easy and inspiring!