Friday, July 20th

Elizabeth made fantastic progress on the afgan she’s making for her husband as a surprise for Christmas. Each square is a different breed of dog. Elizabeth came up with an inspired idea to make reading the charts easier. She took the charts to Staples (Kinkos?) and had them enlarge each chart to a full page. It made it so much easier to read the charts. We all loved the blanket. Of course I’ll be adding this to projects I’d like to make.

While Elizabeth is waiting for yarn to finish her Brilla sweater, she also is going to make a purse made from corde yarn. The pattern is in the 2007 Summer issue of Knitter’s Magazine. We’ve brought you over to the joys of multiple projects, Elizabeth!
Robin and Elizabeth talked about how they get teased about our knitting group and being a bunch of old ladies. Knitters now (and of course our group) do not represent the “old lady knitter” picture so many non-knitters have. A few years ago when meeting a new (now) friend was asked what I do. I answered that I teach knitting. She wrinkled her nose and said that “only grannies knit”. Not long afterwards I came to her house for coffee and of course had my knitting. When I brought it out to work on, she asked me what it was; I answered that it was my knitting. She said “that’s not knitting, knitting is with grey wool”.

Here’s a picture of Robin’s baby blanket in progress. I have a feeling that after seeing the assortment of interesting projects that everyone brings to the table, that Robin will be taking a leap of knitting when her blanket is done.

Sara is almost done with the front of her husband’s sweater. She’s getting afraid it will become a forever sweater. I think that she’s right on time to have it finished for this fall and will be able to knit something new soon. I’m designing a baby blanket pattern for Sara that will be just the right size for a stroller or car seat.

Marianne brought in several projects to get organized and troubleshoot on. She’s got several projects underway.