A great place to be on a stormy day!

I haven’t seen Theresa in a couple of weeks and she brought in all these amazing finished projects and works in progress. Wow! Look at this adorable baby wrap sweater with the ribbon and this cabled hat with crocheted trim. They’re both knit in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. Her knitting looks fantastic. I want a hat like that in just that color too!

Today she began to sew the pink seed stitch cardigan.
She’s well on her way in the Rowan fringed cardigan in Cotton Glace. This is such a chic and crisp looking cardigan.

Sheila has only to sew on the front fringe and hers is done. I’m thinking we’re going to need an end of summer cocktail party (or dinner out) where we all wear our favorite finished knit of the summer season. What do you think?

Sheilah came in with 3 shawls (the Jane Elliott Simple Elegance Shoulder Accent). After much painstaking efforts and practice, she has got the crocheted picot edge down. It looks great and she inspired us all to go through our stash and make our own. Here’s a picture of Sheilah and I modelling the shawl.

Some are going to be gifts and some will be keepers. It’s funny, Theresa, Mary and Sheilah would keep the rust/blue shawl and Rose and I would keep the turquoise or red/blue shawl.

Sheilah’s big question on the shawl were why there weren’t instructions to cut the different yarns as you went and what you achieve by knitting the wrap with the slipped stitch. The reason you knit the wrap and the slipped stitch together is so that the wrap is invisible. If you didn’t do this there would be a gap in your knitting.

Mary realized that she skipped and/or added a row in a spiral and flipped it so that she has a “right side row” on the wrong side or visa versa, how ever you want to look at it. Since she’s taken it out a few times and had that look in her eye, I suggested she deliberately make the same “mistake” again and it would then look deliberate. Like a pattern choice.

Here’s the bottom of my bag. Rose began her one skein scarf in Artyarns Regal Silk. Cynthia, the owner of Knitting Central, made one and it’s a great idea. I made one last week. It is an incredibly quick knit and is very elegant to wear.

Rose spent the weekend at the CGOA summer conference, an event she’s wanted to attend for 5 years. She had a great time, attended classes, met up with some Ktog people, and even one a fantastic door prize… the KIPer knitting bag set. This is an awesome bag and needle collection.
Line of the day: Rose reminded us of the philosphy behind mistakes in Persian rugs. The mistakes are left in because only G-d can make something perfect. Now we can have spiritual peace of mind if we choose to leave a mistake in.