And the Knit goes on at Borders

Monday night was the first “And the Knit goes on” at Borders. This going to be a monthly series (the second Monday night of the month) where Liz and I will offer book reviews, current knit trends, and who knows what else (it will evolve as we go).

This Monday I was joined by Miriam, Shelly, Marianne, and Rose. We met in the Poet’s corner and discussed several books. Since it was a small group we spent a lot of time really going through the books and talking about the projects we liked.

Random things that came out of the evening…
**Using pretty buttons to “anchor” a shawl to your shoulders.

**Prudence Mapstone, author and freeform knitter/crocheter.

**Slipping the first stitch of each row to make it easier to sew later on.

**Stowaway Shopping bag knitting pattern by Oat Couture.