Friday, June 29th

I met with Mary, Elizabeth and Robin today at Cosi’s. Robin is relatively new to the area. Through getting to know eachother it turned out that Elizabeth’s daughter knows Robin’s step daughter. Mary and Robin had an acquaintenance in common as well. What’s more is that they all share a generosity of spirit with their time, their hearts and their homes. Mary recently retired from Kids in Crisis and has a wealth of knowledge about teens in need and “the system”. Robin volunteers her time at the Childcare Learning Center as well as participating in a Mentoring program and being a Big Sister in New York City. Elizabeth’s family has twice taken in teens in need to live with them. I am really impressed by these woman.

As I was driving home, a Billy Joel song came on and one line stuck out. “To talk about life for a while”. I’m very grateful for the people I meet in s&c and the opportunity to talk about life and here different perspectives and experiences.

Ladies, if there are websites (or phone numbers) where interested people could go to learn more about what they can do to help, can you add a comment at the end of this post?

It never ceases to amaze me how small a world it is. I love when people come to the s&c and come to find out that they not only do they share the joy of knitting, but know the same people, and share other interests.

While we were talking, Mary completed the first spiral in the La Baguette bag. I caught up to her, but forgot the next contrast color! Next time.

The best part of this swatch was when Mary took a closer look at it and noticed that her tension changed every few rows. She thought that maybe when it was very loose she was relaxed and when it was much tighter, she was tense. She said “this is a good example of hormonal knitting”! I loved that! We’ve all done some hormonal knitting from time to time.

Elizabeth was able to move onto the cable section of the Tahki cardigan. No pix till the finished project though, I promised.

Robin is making great progress on her blanket. Her goal is to finish the skein she’s on, so she can change skeins in class.

The manager of Cosi, Scott, stopped by to check in on us. We all enjoyed meeting there. With the class starting at lunchtime, we can have a healthy meal at the same time. Much better than the eating on the run stuff!