Wednesday 6/27

We continue to meet at the Poet’s Corner at the Stamford Borders. It’s especially helpful since Borders is renovating their cafe.

Since last Friday’s s&c, Elizabeth went to Knitting Central where she bought yarn for an absolutely gorgeous striped knit and crocheted cardigan. The pattern is in the Tahki Filatura DiCrosa Spring/Summer 2007 booklet.

The sweater is knit in Brilla, a sport weight cotton yarn. Here’s a picture of the sweater from the pattern book:

We’ve been talking about how to choose the right size to knit. Elizabeth and I worked on choosing the size based on her measurements, the fit of two sweaters she brought with her, and of course the schematic of the pattern.

Theresa and Michelle were so taken with the project that they wanted me to find out if we had more patterns at Knitting Central. (Theresa did come in the next day to Knitting Central to buy the yarn for the cardigan. I think she got yarn for another project too.)
Theresa has finished the pink seed stitch cardigan and next time we meet she and Michelle are going to work on the finishing. In the meantime, she’s working on a baby sweater.
Michelle is finishing up the black tank with the lace panel in the center. On the other hand when she put the Point of Reyes sweater onto circular needles and began knitting in the round, she found that her tension completely changed and got tighter! Theresa helped her with the decision to “unknit” to the row where the sweater was connected in the round. It was a huge process, something like 200 stitches and 4-5 rows. Michelle is a very dedicated and focused person. She sat there and unknit it till she got to the row she needed to be on. I give her a lot of credit!
Rose has a little finishing left to do on this tank from the book Knitting Loves Crochet by Candi Jensen. I remember when she picked out the yarn. It is so cute! The darker color is knit and the lighter color is crocheted.

She’s onto yet another pair of socks. This one done in Sockotta. Rose, I think we should start our own sock of the month club.

But wait, there’s more. She’s been working on a crocheted shawl in Colinette yarn, parisienne. A very fine mohair. The pattern is in the book, Arboretum.

I’ve been working on my Jane Elliot, StarryNight Shawl, socks for my daughter, and a new shawl for Knitting Central.