June 13th

Cheryl and I were the first to arrive today. There happened to be a woman behind us who asked if she was interrupting a meeting. I explained about the Stitch and Chat. It turns out that she was a Knit Together customer and is still knitting from her sale acquisitions. She may join us one day.

Cheryl will be vacationing in Maine this summer, I looked up stores in Maine for her and there is one in Kennebunkport. I don’t know anything about it. There may be towns nearby that have yarn stores worth checking out too. Cheryl, if you find any good ones report back. Maybe we’ll start a post category for yarn stores we’ve visited!

Here’s a link for the Berroco Suede Color Card in case you decide to make another suede shawl when you finish this one.

We’ll miss you this summer. Hopefully you’ll have time to stop in once or twice and show us the felted bag and the suede shawl. (You can still stop in if you haven’t finished them!)

Michelle is midway through the Alchemy Point of Reyes sweater and figured out a key factor in the pattern that we hadn’t picked up on. I’m looking forward to seeing it again, sorry you had to reknit it.

She’s started the back of the black lace “over” tank. It’s going to be great.

We talked some more about doing the Colinette Maeve pattern in Giotto again. There’s a little more research to be had. Colinette also came out with a new book of patterns for Giotto that I want to check out.

Mary brought in yarns to choose from her stash to make Jane Elliot’s La Baguette bag pattern (see last Wednesday’s post). We grouped them into colors and then the village took a vote. What color would you have chosen?

I found my pattern and apparently I had already been collecting yarn for it, surprisingly in blues and purples. Shocking, I know. I’m going to look through my stash of odd balls for any yarn to compliment Mary’s chosen colorway. I’m not giving away the choice, you’ll have to post your answer. Kind of like a reality show where they make a shameless request for you to text your choice for $.99 a text. This won’t cost you!

Sheila brought in two of her sweaters in the Maeve pattern. One on the right is in the Venezia colorway and I forget the name of the other color, here it is. I still like the one on the right (the longer one) better.

Elizabeth popped in during her travels to take care of her sick dog. It was so great that she stopped in like that. How is your dog doing now?