Starry Night Shawl

I just got home from the first session in a 3-session workshop at Knitting Central on Jane Elliot’s Starry Night Shawl. First of all, I love her patterns. They are written literally line by line, every abbreviation spelled out, and have clear schematics.

Jane’s style is so easy going. The shawl starts out with a crocheted center that you then knit out from in rounds on dpn’s. It’s the most beautiful shawl. We were so intent on what we were doing that the store was totally silent while we got the hang of knitting the motif.

This class was so popular that two more series were scheduled to accomodate the two waiting lists for the shawl.

If I wasn’t tired and not seeing straight, I’d want to sit down and make another motif! We have to make 15 all together.