June 6

We got to talking today about knitting a proper fitting garment. People’s garments were either too long, too big, short/long armholes or overall funky. We came up with a plan and there’s a bit of (simple) homework involved. Measure the fit of a garment you like: the chest width, length of garment to armhole, armhole length, neck width, you get the idea. Then we’ll take proper body measurements and note them down. That way when you have a new pattern that’s confusing as far as what size to make, you can refer to the schematic and your measurements and determine what size to make. (Always take time to get gauge too! ~ I had to put that part in there, consider it a public service announcement.) We can play around with sketching a schematic when the pattern doesn’t provide one.

Cheryl is determined to finish her bag. The sewing is almost done. Good Luck!

Theresa had time to dip into her Ktog sale yarn stash and began a baby sweater gift in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. It’s an adorable Ballerina Sweater.

She’s just about up to the cap shaping on the first sleeve of the seed stitch jacket. I have a feeling when next we see you, you’ll have the jacket ready to sew, the baby sweater done, and a future stash choice in the works. We’ll miss you the next couple of weeks.

Mary brought all the pieces of her forever sweater and after checking the gauge and the pattern, I had to break the news that she had to “unknit” it. It was way too big. I hate having to suggest to someone to rip out a sweater. Sheilah offered to help her with it. It’s beautiful yarn and will make a great cardigan, the gauge was bigger than what the pattern called for. We’re all excited for the group projects we’ve decided upon…

Michelle is a third of the way up the Alchemy “Point of Reyes sweater”. She’s doing it in Debbie Bliss Stella yarn, a cotton blend. It looks fantastic. (She got the pattern and the yarn at Knitting Central. Sheilah liked the look of it and may make it too.

Well, upon Sheilah’s arrival we got talking about the beautiful Colinette Maeve cardigan/sweater she was wearing. She’s making the sweater version. Michelle and I took turns trying it on. I think that Michelle, Mary, and I (Sheilah – you up to another one?) may make it together. The sweater is made in Colinette Giotto yarn and the pattern is from the Akashya Book. Click on this link to view the colors (after getting to the site, click yarn, scroll down to Giotto, and you’ll see the amazing color options.

Mary pulled out her binder of patterns and was showing Sheilah a Jane Elliott pattern for a bag, La Bagette (the bag is the fourth picture). We both picked up this pattern from the time Jane visited Knit Together last year. We decided we’re going to sort through our odd balls/stash and make the bag together. So now we’ve got two group projects planned.

Last night I met with Lisa. She is a remarkable person and we had a great conversation. She’s knitting an eyelet baby blanket from Blue Sky in Blue Sky Organic Cotton. She’s also making the adorable Baby Bolero Jacket from the One Skein book (also in the Organic Cotton). The yarn is unbelievably soft and available at Knitting Central in Westport.

I finished the Classic Silk Tunic. I enjoyed knitting it. I’ve finished one of the shortie socks I’m making for one of my kids. Next come golf club covers, this will be the third set I’ve make. I would never of thought them to be this popular!