May 30

Today seemed a little more subdued than last week, although the people at Borders always comment on how much fun we have (they’re right and we appreciate the Poet’s Corner)! We were all contentedly working on our projects.

Rose began the neck shaping on her tank. There is a good possibilty she could finish it in the next week. Yes, Rose, you can. 🙂
Carol finished the car seat flap and the car seat bunting is coming along beautifully. She made these adorable socks to match the blanket and hat pictured in last week’s post. She used sock wizard and after several attempts of the sock, and the math not working and ripping it out, she wrote the stitches out on paper and sock wizard made an error. So, if you use sock wizard (which I do) and the math isn’t working, check it by writing out the stitches to see if it works! There must be someone behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz).

Michelle was back from Barcelona (we’re glad you’re back) and regaled us with stories. She’s working on a deep armhole black tank, with a lace pattern in the center. It’s really cute. Next is a boat neck sweater with really cool sleeves, the pattern is “Point Reyes” from Alchemy.

Cheryl began sewing up her felted back! YEAH! We talked about how to felt and measured the unfelted bag and after she felts it we’re going to have before and after measurements and pictures to compare.

Theresa is just about done with the body of her pink seed stitch cardigan. We’re reworking the sleeves because they are kind of a combination of kimono style (wide) and bell sleeve. In any case, way too big for Theresa. She and Michelle are going to finish their sweaters together.

Elizabeth is almost done the bulky sweater she’s making. What’s next?

Susan stopped by with Nicky Epsteins new book, Knitting Never Felt Better. It’s really interesting. Nicky took pattern stitches, intarsia, and lace stitches and showed you how they looked felted. There are great possiblities for making your own felted bag, embellishing a bag, and even garments. Look on the sidebar on the left for a link to the book.

Mary diligently worked on her forever sweater. We’ll take a look at the the rest of the garment next week.