Wednesday’s Stitch and Chat May 23rd

Today was our first session in the Poet’s corner of Borders. Border’s is graciously reserving this section of the bookstore for our Wednesday Stitch and Chat. It was great. It was like being in some one’s den. We talked about a couple of books we’d like to read: Knitting Circle by Ann Hood and the series by Debbie Macomber The shop on Blossom Street.

We had so much fun that our laughter attracted Border’s customers to peak in and see what we were up too. Mary said she has friends who just want to join for the conversation. They’d quickly be converted to knitting of course!
Carol joined us today with a baby bunting for the car seat that she is making. It’s a great pattern with an opening in the bunting for the car seat buckle and a hood.

Well, Carol had purled a small section where she was supposed to knit. I had her knit to that point and began to show her and Rose how to fix those stitches without ribbing the entire bunting (there are cables involved, we didn’t want to rip those).

OMG! When I pulled the first stitch off (basically creating a dropped stitch to remove the “errant” purl, Carol shrieked and uttered an exclamation! When I looked up, I had to laugh and remind her to breath. We all laughed, reminded Carol to breath again, and promised it would all be fixed. Rose took a turn fixing a stitch and then Carol fixed several to get the hang of it. The group decided that premedication should be involved for such knit fixes, it was just too alarming a process. The consensus was “do not try this at home”, (yet!). In the end, Carol was back on track and almost ready to knit the opening for the car seat buckle. Although it was a stressful process, it was good to learn how to fix a misstitch without ripping out rows and cables.

Carol brought some finished projects with her. A matching baby blanket and hat knit in Cabana, a great cotton yarn with a nice kind of springy feel to hit. There’s a pretty lace stitch running through the blanket.

She also made a winter sock out of Cascade 220.

Rose brought a tank top she started last year in a class at Knit Together. It’s in a wonderfully striking turquoise blue yarn (Berroco Cotton Twist). She’s sure to finish it for this summer. Especially now that I’ve put it in writing! 🙂

Mary is almost done with a sleeve for the cardigan she’s making. This was started in a class called “My first sweater”, Mary has renamed it to the “forever sweater”. We have faith though, the sleeve is almost done. I think there’s just the one more sleeve and putting it together. Right?
The Nicky Epstein embellishment books can be viewed through the links on the left of this post.
Sheilah came in and layed out her all but finished Rowan Jacket. To which Mary exclaimed “Now she’s gone and done it!”.

Elizabeth brought the baby sweater she finished with her. It is absolutely adorable. Knit from the top down (no seams!). She made it out of Lorna’s Laces worsted yarn

I finished a drawstring bag in Berroco Zen Ribbon (free pattern on Berroco’s website ) and a pair of socks out of Regia silk color yarn.

And, Michelle, who is off in Barcelona, finished these socks before she left!