May 16th

We met today in the Cafe at Borders, however going forward we’ll meet in the Poet’s Corner. I’ll miss Jeannie (we’ll have to make sure to check in with her on the way in or out, she’s such a great person.) The poet’s corner will feel like we’re meeting in some one’s study. I think we’ll like it.

Mary was the first to arrive and we both marveled at the knitting bag (gift with purchase) from the British magazine “Simply Knitting”. Look for the magazine next week. There’s always some goodie in the wrapper and the magazine is interesting! Mary is working on an Ironstone Island Cotton Cardigan in a soft variegated color way.

We also got back on track with her sleeve from Chris Bylsma’s crayon box jacket. Every time I see it I want to make another. Click on Chris’ name to see pictures, make sure you scroll all the way down to see different color choices.

Mary has a great idea to had an interesting edging to skirts. We talked about the Nicky Epstein books. (See sidebar for links to Nicky Epstein’s books on edging and flowers.) Also, we thought about making flowers pins that could be an adornment to bags, coats or scarves.

Cheryl brought in her felted tote bag. She’s determined to finish it before moving on. We figured out she’s got 5 more rows and she can move onto the i-cord (instructions at end of post) and sewing. Her “homework” is to take the bag everywhere over the next week.

Angela and I met on vacation is Palm Desert, California at a Cheesecake Factory Restaurant. What an incredibly small world. I helped her sort through her stash and she’s back on track with a couple of great projects. She has a white cotton sweater in the works and a variegated (using three different variegated yarns) sweater.

Between Mary, Cheryl, and Angela there was a lively conversation about American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. I couldn’t keep up (I only watch the beginning of American Idol with all the goof balls). It was fun to listen to though.

Theresa is moving along with her seed stitch cardigan. It’s such a pretty shade of pink. I look forward to seeing Theresa and Michelle model their cardigans together.

Sheilah brought show and tell. We’ve decided we need to go to her house and find out how she manages to get so much knitting accomplished on top of a full-time job. She’s almost finished with the matching skirt (done in Plymouth 24k) to a shell. AND, last week she was learning the fringe for a jacket from the Rowan Spring/Summer 2007 book. This week she brought in the finished pieces for the jacket and only needs to make the fringe border! (see below)

Michelle & Rose, we missed you.

I wanted to let the group know that Michelle has finished her first sock and just has the Kitchener stitch to do to close the toe! When she gets back from vacation she’ll be finishing all her works in progress, so she can start the new projects she is she’s lining up!

I-Cord instructions:

Using two double-pointed needles, start by casting on the number of stitches recommended in your pattern. Knit across all of the stitches.

Now, instead of turning your work and knitting the stitches in the reverse direction like you would normally do, move the needle with the stitches to your other hand (your left hand) without turning your work.

Now slide the stitches from the left end of the needle to the right end needle, pulling the yarn across the back of the stitches to the first stitch.

Knit the row again.

Continue working the i-cord, sliding and knitting (so you are always facing a knit row) on each row, pull the yarn tight at the beginning of each row, until the cord is the desired length.

Bind off. The objective is a knitted tube, ideal for purse handles.