May 2nd

We had a full group today working on a myriad of projects and enjoyed lively conversation.

Michelle and Theresa are working on the same seed stitch sweater both in cotton yarn. Let’s just say it’s been an interesting experience!

Mary finished a chic drawstring purse in ribbon yarn.

Cheryl is almost done with a felted tote bag. Mary and Cheryl both learned how to make an i-cord (unfairly nicknamed idiot cord).

Rose is onto her third pair of socks and loving it. She even enjoys the kitchener stitch. She’s using the Sock Wizard software.

Marjolin is working on an interesting shawl using combining different fibers and stitches. She shared with us an interesting article from yesterday’s NY Times For Motherly X Chromosome, Gender Is Only the Beginning By NATALIE ANGIER. Here’s the link if you’re interested